Advance Mine Survey Theory & Legislation

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Exam Conditions

The candidates shall have passed the Elementary Mine Surveying Certificate or an acceptable equivalent.

This certificate will be in two parts, Part A and Part B:

Part A

Part A consists of one closed book and one open book examination papers, namely:

  • A three-hour survey theory paper.

  • A two-hour legislation paper.

The above two examination papers can be written separately and to pass Part A the candidate must obtain a minimum of 50% in the Survey and 60% in the Legislation paper. A pass will be retained for 18 months.

Hand held electronic calculators and reference material for the Legislation will be permitted.

Part B

The successful completion of Part A (both examination papers) is a prerequisite for the submission of Part B.

A portfolio. A portfolio is a document where the candidate provides evidence of his/her practical survey skills to prove competence in the prescribed or required skills listed under “Syllabus (Practical)” below. The candidate will be required to submit a portfolio of his/her survey skills for assessment by the examination committee.

The candidate may be required to present his/her portfolio of evidence to a panel of mine surveying practitioners appointed by the COM Survey Examination Committee.

The portfolio must be submitted within a period of 18 months after successful completion of the two theory examinations.

Failure to comply will result in the theory part being re-written!!

 To be credited with the advanced survey certificate the candidate will have to pass the theory examinations and have his/her portfolio of evidence accepted by the examination committee.

NB: Advanced Mine Surveying and Advance Mine Legislation are two different exams and one must apply to write each separately.

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