Tip-off Hotline

We encourage you to make use of the CoMCert Tip-off Hotline whenever you witness or
suspect any wrongdoing related to the CoMCert Examinations on landline 0800 118 998 or
alternatively you can use email COMCert@tip-offs.com.


Minerals Council Chamber of Mines Certificates were introduced to standardise standalone inhouse certifications for people working in the South African mining and minerals industries.

All exams written by the Survey, Sampling, Ventilation, and Rock Mechanics disciplines are organized and administered by the Minerals Council.

The Minerals Council is also in charge of issuing the necessary certifications.

The qualification enables the candidate to do their job with greater confidence and understanding, paving the route for them to advance to a senior position.

Candidates must undergo training in specific subjects as well as complete several notional hours before appearing for the Minerals Council Chamber of Mines Certificates examinations.

“I believe in the rational, but not in the magical power of education.”

Maria Edgeworth


October Registration Closure

Good day All Candidates Note that the closing date for October Examinations is the 31 August 2023....

Results Release Date

The results for Mine Environmental Control (MEC) and Survey and Sampling will be released on the...

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